Throw  verb – \’thrō \ : to cause (something) to move out of your hand and through the air by quickly moving your arm forward.

Ronin  noun – \ˈrōnin\ : a samurai warrior with no liege lord; a man who chooses his own battles.

Thronin  noun – \ˈthrōnin\ : a man who throws weapons as a way of perfecting himself.

Imagine taking a 46 year old Englishman with a background in the combative arts, but no experience in throwing knives, no equipment and no immediate access to classes or teachers.

Imagine waking that man up one day in July 2015 and challenging him to become a world class throwing arts competitor in less than 1000 days, and then imagine if he was foolish enough to take up that challenge…

‘Thrown in at the deep end’  idiom : to present someone with a difficult task or challenge before they have the knowledge or experience for it.

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