Episode 39: Interview with Jeremy Beintema (Bullseye Blades)

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Jeremy Beintema, based in Vancouver Island, Canada, is the founder and owner of Bullseye Blades, one of the most respected makers of custom throwing knives on the planet. A keen thrower in his own right, Jeremy takes great pride in pushing the boundaries in terms of design, build quality and style.

I was thrilled to receive four knives from Jeremy a while back, a set of spin/no-spin Kermode blades and a single Trapper in a kydex quick draw sheath which I will using for Duel Cup training. They are beautifully made, throw true and I am very proud to have them in my collection. Jeremy kindly agreed to come onto the show so that we could talk more about these knives and his own journey as a thrower and knife maker. If you have not come across Bullseye Blades before I would encourage you to check out Jeremy’s Facbook page from where he takes orders and posts images of his work. I hope you enjoy this interview.

andyfisherEpisode 39: Interview with Jeremy Beintema (Bullseye Blades)

Episode 37: RC Samples a.k.a. ‘The Combat Knife Thrower’

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hawk for kurt

RC Samples is perhaps best known by his Youtube handle, ‘The Combat Knife Thrower’. Coming to us from Jacksonville Florida, RC is respected across the community as a charismatic and skilled thrower. His prolific video collection has been instrumental in capturing the attention and for inspiring waves of new throwers to our community.

andyfisherEpisode 37: RC Samples a.k.a. ‘The Combat Knife Thrower’

Episode 38: Rob Bentley

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rob bentley

Based in Nashville Tennessee, Rob Bentley is perhaps best known as the MD of Bentley Sheaths & Leather – a company dedicated to hand-manufacturing sheaths, quivers and utility rolls for all manner of throwing implements. Given the quality of the projects Rob produces, it is hard to believe that he has been developing his skill set for less than three years!

An avid thrower himself, Rob is a man who has found not only a passion in the Art of the Thunk but a discipline, a vocation and an opportunity to connect with the rest of us. It was clear from our conversation that he is a humble, yet talented man and is just one more example of why the throwing arts can be so transformational.

It was an inspiring conversation but unfortunately technology got the bette roof us and the Skype call dropped out a couple of times on us. Rob was patient as we tried work arounds but I apologise if there are some clunky edits in this episode – while rural England is a beautiful place to live, broadband is still a wistful dream in this neck of the woods!

andyfisherEpisode 38: Rob Bentley

Episode 36: Brandon ‘Danger’ Dillon & Taylor Hull

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Brandon ‘Danger’ Dillon is based in Columbia city, Indiana and is perhaps best known for his association with the Full Tang Clan. Throwing a diverse range of knives with spin, instinctive and no spin, Brandon epitomises the experiential and innovative approach that defines the best of the backyard throwing movement.

In this interview we explore Brandon’s origin story as a thrower, his evolution and his passion for the Art of the Thunk. During the interview Brandon was joined by the quiet man of the Full Tang Clan – Taylor Hull. While Taylor was happy, for the most part, to allow Brandon to speak on his behalf, it was clear from the outset that he is held in high regard by the Clan and that he is blazing a trail in throwing competition despite being a relative newcomer himself. It was an absolute delight to talk to both Brandon and Taylor and I hope you get as much from our conversation as I did.

andyfisherEpisode 36: Brandon ‘Danger’ Dillon & Taylor Hull

Episode 35: ‘Peak’ & ‘The Pressure Principle’

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In this episode my co-host Dan Edwardes, (Parkour Generations) and I discuss two books that have played a significant part in shaping my current training regime. ‘Peak’ by Anders Ericsson and ‘The Pressure Principle’ by Dave Alred.

If you are looking for ways to refine your training or struggle with nerves during competition then you’ll find plenty of inspirational material in this relaxed chat, held recently at Dan’s apartment in the heart of London.

andyfisherEpisode 35: ‘Peak’ & ‘The Pressure Principle’

Episode 34: Thronin update – 333 days in!

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Time flies and, when Dan Edwardes and I came together to record this update on the progress I have been making towards my 1000 day knife throwing challenge, I had just passed the 333 day mark!

Here we talk about the training challenges I have encountered over the winter months, the ways in which my throwing has changed to accommodate those challenges and how I performed in my first competition of the year (The Woodend Warriors Spring Fling in Nottingham).

andyfisherEpisode 34: Thronin update – 333 days in!

Episode 33: Joseph ‘Brokenfeather’ Darrah

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Joe Darrah

Joseph ‘Brokenfeather’ Darrah is a living treasure of the throwing arts community. Based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Joe has an international reputation as a master knife maker, as an Ambassador of Thunk and he is a 10 time World Champion title holder in his own right.

Co-founder of the IKTHOF, life time supporter of the AKTA and a plethora of other clubs, societies and groups, Joe is recognised across the world as one of the most generous and tirelessly thoughtful throwers out there.

In this interview Joe touches on his early induction into the throwing scene by his father at the tender age of 5. He goes on to share a whole host of stories gleaned from his half century of experience as a thrower and maker of throwing knives – needless to say the time flew! This is an interview I have looked forward to since I first started the Thronin podcast and it was an honour to get to know this larger than life, giant-hearted man a little better.

andyfisherEpisode 33: Joseph ‘Brokenfeather’ Darrah

Special Episode – Aim Games Exclusive

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rick lemberg

My guest for this extra-ordinary episode has already joined me on the show once before – that time he was playing wingman to the extraordinary Lee Floyd Fugatt but he has an equally colourful and time-served tale to tell himself – I am, of course, talking about none other than Rick ‘the Rocket’ Lemberg.

Hailing from Montara California, Rick is a seasoned competitor, knife designer, demonstrator and teacher of the throwing arts, having worked with celebrities, military groups and, perhaps most notably, astronauts from the NASA program. Rick is a successful business man, having cut his teeth in Silicon Valley and is now Senior Vice President of Gravity Capital Partners. As if this were not enough to keep him busy, Rick is one of our leading throwing arts historians, an ultra distance runner, an author and he has just launched The Aim Games project which has taken the community by storm in recent weeks.

In this special episode of the Thronin podcast, I chat to Rick about the Aim Games – its origins, the future of the project and he offers a world exclusive by spilling the beans on the details of the K2 3m challenge – you heard it hear first!

andyfisherSpecial Episode – Aim Games Exclusive

Episode 32 – Devin Debow

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Devin Debow is the third guest in a trio of no-spin throwers who I have had the pleasure of interviewing in recent weeks but he is the only one who has earned the epithet of ‘US Ambassador of No-spin’ by many of his peers.

Devin is a proud Texan who hails originally from Hot Springs Arkansas and he enjoys a wide range of interests including sky diving, climbing, sculpture, freelance writing and survival training. However, Devin is perhaps best known as one of the most accurate no-spin throwers on the planet, having just successfully defended his title as the IKTHOF No-Spin National Champion last month in Las Vegas.

andyfisherEpisode 32 – Devin Debow

Episode 31- Ryan Moomaw

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Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Ryan Moomaw is a renowned no-spin thrower, founding member of the Ralph Thorn School and creator of the KnifeShuriken Youtube channel. Perhaps best known for pushing the boundaries of no-reload throwing, Ryan’s innovations have been picked up by other instinctive and no-throw trail-blazers such as Adam Celadin.

A regular face at AKTA events in the past, Ryan is respected as a versatile thrower who is as comfortable throwing knives, bolts, and screwdrivers as he is no-spinning tomahawks! In this interview Ryan talks about the evolution of instinctive and no spin throwing as well as his own path as a thrower.

andyfisherEpisode 31- Ryan Moomaw