Knife Throwing – A practical guide by Harry McEvory (1973)

This was the first book I read on throwing and it is a nicely written text, offering a good balance of practical advice and historical material that investigates the origins of projectile weapons. All of the basics are covered and, at 105 pages, it never labours any section – definitely worth a read.


The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing: Master the sport of knife and tomahawk throwing by Bobby Branton (2015)

A recent release (July 2015), I downloaded this book on my Kindle and consumed it in one sitting!  There are chapters on the history of the art, the mechanics of safe throwing, competition throwing, games and training methods and a section on how to make your own knife (Branton is a respected knife maker as well as a skilled thrower himself). This is certainly worth the investment – 128 pages of gold dust for newcomers and experienced throwers alike.

Combat Knife Throwing: a new approach to knife throwing and knife fighting by Ralph Thorn (2008)

I am yet to own or read this book but it is on my wish list; Ralph Thorn has a strong presence on YouTube as an exponent of ‘no-spin’ throwing and he certainly seems to be able to walk his talk! As soon as I have read it I will write a more informed review but I think this is one any self-respecting thrower will want in their library.

Knife and Tomahawk Throwing: The Mike Gross Method by Mike Gross (2015)

This is, to date, the best book on the subject of weapons throwing that I have read! I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy from Mike, having made contact with him through YouTube. Currently the book is only available directly from Mike in the States but it is worth the postage and the wait – crammed full with detailed examination of the mechanics of throwing, problem/solution scenarios for refined practice and training drills, this has been my bible in the early weeks of learning to throw. I cannot recommend this text highly enough.

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