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Here you will find an archive of all of the previously published episodes of the Thronin Podcast – a show which charts my journey in the art of throwing, alongside interviews with some of the best throwers on the planet, product reviews and much more!

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Episode 001: Channel Introduction

In this inaugural podcast I briefly introduce myself as the channel host, explain the origins of the ‘Thronin’ project and outline the vision I have for the channel moving forward. This recording should give you a clear sense of where I am coming from, whether you think the content I will be offering is a good ‘fit’ for you and if you want to subscribe




Episode 002: Throwing 101 – what I have learned in the first 30 days 

In this episode I offer a raw beginner’s guide to throwing knives, delving into the fundamentals that I have learned and applied to make efficient progress during the first month of my 1000 day challenge.

Here I get into the basics – how to choose your first knife, what makes for a good target, distancing tips and more. If you are a newcomer to the field, you’ll find plenty here of value. If you are a seasoned thrower, this will be a trip down memory lane so that you can feel good about just how far you’ve come!

The recording is 25 minutes long. Enjoy!



Episode 003: Interview with Mike Gross of ‘One Sharp Marriage’ 

I was thrilled when Mike Gross agreed to be the first Thronin Podcast interview guest; his reputation precedes him but just in case you have been living under a rock, he, along with his wife Rosa have performed a professional throwing act as ‘One Sharp Marriage’ since 2001 and were recognised by the IKTHOF as ‘Throwing Ambassadors of the Year’ in 2010. However, Mike is also an accomplished competition thrower, a certified Master Thrown Weapons Instructor and is the founder of the OSM Knife & Tomahawk Throwers Academy in Massachusetts. Suffice it to say we had a lot to talk about!

In this show I ask Mike about his own origins and growth in the throwing arts before delving into his vision for his academy and his recently published book. We go on to discuss training strategies, the differences in perception between the throwing arts in the States and the UK and what it takes to perform at World Championship standard. This is one not to miss!



Episode 004: Interview with Dan Edwardes of ‘Parkour Generations’ 

Dan Edwardes is a founding member and Executive Director of ‘Parkour Generations’, the world’s leading professional organisation for the dynamic movement discipline of parkour, sometimes known as freerunning. His training began in Japan, where he was living having completed a degree in Japanese and History at Cambridge University and while in pursuit of a lifelong study of fighting arts and functional movement disciplines. Since then he has trained with many of the founders of his chosen form of movement expression and has been instrumental in putting parkour on the map internationally.

Dan has appeared in numerous high-profile media projects as a performer and choreographer for movies, TV commercials, live shows and public displays. He has also produced a considerable body of literature on parkour which has been translated into several languages and published across various media, including three books and the entry for parkour in the latest Sports Encyclopaedia, and regularly gives presentations and seminars on parkour around the world.

However, in this interview Dan has generously placed the focus upon the ‘Thronin Project’ and the nature of the challenge that lays ahead of me; this is perhaps appropriate given that he is, arguably, and at least in part, responsible for me taking up this 1000 day challenge! I have been privileged to know Dan for almost three decades and count him among my closest friends. He is a deep thinker, a man of steel in training and never one to shy from walking the hard path and so I knew he would have some great insights into the throwing arts and how to train as efficiently as possible to achieve quick and lasting results.

This interview lasts 47 minutes; whether you are a thrower, a traceur or just someone interested in ways by which you can realise your physical and mental potential, listening to this show will prove a wise investment of your time!



Episode 005: Throwing knives under pressure 

In this episode I explore ways in which throwing arts competitors can keep a cool head, and realise their potential when the pressure is on.

So often we can allow nerves to throw us off our game but sports psychologists know a number of strategies and techniques for getting back in control, quieting the mental chatter and hitting the bulls eye just like we did in practice; in this half hour recording I share some of the best of those findings with you.



Episode 006: The Great Throwdini

Dr David Adamovich, aka ‘The Great Throwdini’ is internationally known as ‘The World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Knife Thrower’ and has proven himself worthy of standing amongst a handful of ‘impalement’ artist legends, both historically and contemporary, e.g. Gustavo Arcaris, Fritz and Patrick Brumbach, Joe Gibson, Che Che Whitecloud, Larry Cizewski, Tyrone Laner, and Paul LaCrosse. His unique style of performing in a tailed tuxedo, as well as the innovations he’s created, identify him immediately.

Amongst them are his veiled stunts with both one and two assistants hidden behind a paper veil, creating the technique of catching knives, and closing his act with the stabbing of a signed card. After being the fourth person in history to perform ‘The Veiled Wheel of Death’ he became the first and only person to perform it with 2 assistants. Likewise, at the straight board, two assistants are unseen behind a paper veil as he throws knives on either side and then in between them — in a black theater to a strobed light. One of magic’s highest honors, The Merlin Award by the International Magicians Society, has been bestowed upon Throwdini for ‘Outstanding Performances in the Impalement Arts’.

Besides performing in ‘Stars of The World Famous Moscow State Circus’, Throwdini has performed in major magic venues around the world, been on prominent TV shows including Letterman and O’Brien, stunt-throw doubled for major actors, has taken his act to 13 countries around the world, and starred in the Off-Broadway sensation ‘Maximum Risk – World Champions on the Edge’!
Throwdini has set or broken 40 world records, most of which are for the speed, accuracy and distance of his throwing; in many cases he far exceeded those accomplished at world championships. Some of his most prominent records include: sticking a knife into a 12” bulls eye from 101 feet, throwing 144 knives around a human target in 1 minute, and extinguishing a cigarette in an assistant’s mouth with a 14” knife. Many of Throwdini’s records appear in The Guinness Book of World Records, not to mention Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, featuring him as being the only person to ever catch a bullet, an arrow, and a knife!
Throwdini has written about his experiences in ‘A Day on Broadway’, and created an instructional video, ‘The Fundamentals of Knife Throwing’, featuring his very own “Peel and Throw” Method of throwing that helped him earn both National and World Championships.

In this episode of the show, I interview ‘Throw’, as his friends like to call him, about his meteoric rise to fame, having taken up throwing when he was 50 years old (perhaps there is hope for me too)! We discuss his world record preparations, his life as a performer and he offers some sage advice to both experienced throwers and those, like me, who are new to the field. David was a very generous guest and I am sure you will find much to reflect on in this one hour episode!


Episode 007: Eurothrowers Big Meeting 2015

In this episode I offer my perspective on the European and World Knife and Axe Throwing Championships that took place in Nottingham, UK between 21st-23rd August 2015.

The event was hosted by KATTA UK and it was the first time that the British have hosted this prestigious annual event.

As someone with less than 2 months throwing experience, I had intended to go along as a spectator, get some good footage to study and meet a few of the big names in the sport…things didn’t quite work out that way!


Episode 008: Interview with TJ Cuenca

This week’s show is an interview with TJ Cuenca: precision thrower, expert martial artist, founder of Tribal Advantage Systems International and Head of the Hero Training Center in Las Vegas.

This recording was made at the Eurothrowers Big Meeting in Nottingham, August 2015. In the episode we discuss TJ’s journey into the precision throwing arts, the meeting point between competition throwing and his martial arts’ practice, his vision for the future of the discipline and he reveals something intriguing about the results of his DNA profile!


Episode 009: Practice Makes Perfect

In this episode I am joined by Dan Edwardes of Parkour Generations to discuss the most efficient ways of structuring knife throwing practise sessions.

We explore a one year challenge to become an expert table tennis player undertaken by Sam Priestley and Ben Larcombe last year, as outlined in their book ‘Expert in a Year’ and the lessons I can take from that experiment.

Finally we look forward to the beginning of the new academic year and discuss what I will need to put in place to ensure that I can maintain my progress in the winter months with limited time, light and energy!


Episode 010: Interview with Xolette

In this week’s episode I interview YouTube sensation Xolette; with a following approaching 45,000 subscribers, Xolette is a digital ambassador for the throwing arts and one of the most enthusiastic and playful characters in our community.

Her channel is crammed full of great material including how to build targets, the best knives for beginners to throw, spin and no spin tutorials, reviews, throwing challenges and much, much more!

During our conversation we discuss how she came into the throwing arts, her preferred approach to throwing practice, her favourite knives, her thoughts on the gender imbalance in the sport and future projects in the pipeline.

For a full set of show notes and a link to the video version of this interview you can go here.


Episode 011: Interview with Bobby Branton

In this show I interview knife-making legend and ambassador of the throwing arts – Bobby Branton.

Bobby has served as President of the American Knife Throwers Alliance, is a Hollywood consultant and is the author of a new book on knife throwing. Bobby has been mentored by some of the biggest names in the throwing community including Harry McEvoy, Che Che Whitecloud and Paul LaCross and in this hour long conversation Bobby reflects on his legacy and his love of knives and respect for the throwing community.


Episode 012: Interview with Mike ‘Alamo’ Bainton

Mike ‘Alamo’ Bainton is a living legend of the modern precision throwing arts. Based out of Austin, Texas, Mike is the founder of the ‘International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame’ and is justifiably an inductee into that rarified gallery, having 32 National and 18 World Championship titles under his belt before retiring from competition in 2009!

At this year’s World Championships held in Nottingham, I happened to mention that I had been lucky enough to line Mike up for this interview and was told that ‘Mike is the glue that holds together the world of modern competition knife throwing’ – I can think of no better compliment to be paid by one’s peers.

I recorded this interview at the end of August and am thrilled to be able to share it with you now – Mike has such a rich history and knowledge of the sport and is truly one of the key figures working to shape the future of competition throwing; it was a privilege to interview him and I hope we will talk again often in the future.


Episode 013: 100 Day Update

In this week’s episode, to mark the approach of my first 100 days in the precision throwing arts, I am joined once again by Dan Edwardes of Parkour Generations; we discuss the journey so far and the progress I have made.

We also discuss my first throwing ‘injury’, the benefits of taking up online challenges, a new scoring approach and my ambitions for the next 100 days.


Episode 014: Interview with Kimberly Mitchell

In this week’s episode I interview Kimberly Mitchell. It is hard to believe that Kimberly has been throwing for a little less than a year, given her loyal following on Youtube and her obvious accuracy and versatility in all manner of throwing styles.

Kimberly has the eye of a photographer, the heart of a poet and the soul of a warrior; I like to think of her as a modern day Annie Oakley! Based in Arizona, Kimberly is a full time mom and wife and yet she still manages to produce some of the most entertaining videos on modern throwing and has inspired many in the community, experienced and newcomers alike.

Having recently teamed up with Xolette to launch the ‘Kickass Knife Throwing Group’ on Facebook, Kimberly walks her talk as someone who is committed to inclusive, supportive practice and she is rapidly becoming one of the key figures in the online world, where so many of us find ourselves when we are looking for people who ‘thunk’ like us!


Episode 015: Interview with Chris McDougall

In this week’s episode I interview bestselling author, athlete and publishing sensation Chris McDougall.

Chris is the author of ‘Born to Run’ which is arguably responsible for the modern barefoot running movement and he has more recently published ‘Natural Born Heroes’ which tells the remarkable tale of the defence of Crete during WW2. Along the way the novel explores such diverse themes as diet, parkour, martial arts, instinctive throwing and just what it takes to be heroic.

Chris learned to throw knives and tomahawks under the tutelege of Joe Darrah and Patrick Brewster and demonstrated his own skill by throwing everyday kitchen knives while on the stage before sell-out audiences during his international book signing tour in 2015. In this interview we discuss throwing, training, reconnecting to our instincts and his current magnificent obsession which involves mountains, running and a donkey called Sherman!


Episode 016: Interview with Jack Dagger Part 1

Jack Dagger aka ‘The King of Fling’ should need no introduction to anyone in the throwing community who has not been living under a rock! However, just in case you have stumbled upon this episode and have not come across him before, he is quite simply the face of the modern impalement arts.

Jack has been designated a ‘Living legend’ by the IKTHOF and for good reason; he has competed at the very highest level and has entertained audiences of thousands from the stage with his quick fire comedy act, punctuated by some of the most impressive throwing stunts in the world today. Jack has consulted to Hollywood stars, was the Primitive Weapons expert for all 5 series of History Channel’s ‘Hot Shots’ and is the voice of the National and World Championship Tournaments held each year in Austin, Texas.

There is much more I could say about Jack but the interview speaks for itself; Jack is a gracious, fast-pace, razor-sharp character and we hit it off from minute one. In fact, we still had so much left to say at the end of this hour long conversation that Jack has kindly agreed to meet up again next week to carry on our in-depth conversation about just what it takes to rise to the top of the throwing arts world and stay there as an innovative and energising presence.


Episode 017: Interview with Jack Dagger Part 2

In this episode I am thrilled to be able to offer you a mammoth 80 minute follow up interview with one of the best loved stars of the precision throwing world, Jack Dagger.

Now back in his home in LA, following the exertions of compering the IKTHOF National Championships in Austin, Texas last weekend, Jack and I talk about his move from Baton Rouge to the City of Angels, how he went from tending bars to performing on the stage, his TV work and just what it took to slice a grape in half in mid air as part of History Channel’s spotlight on his extraordinary skills.

Jack’s irrepressible sense of humour and and his obvious love of the throwing community shine through in our conversation and the time just flew past!


Episode 018: Interview with Richard Sunderland Part 1

This is the first part of a fascinating interview with Richard Sunderland, one of the highest ranked and most respected throwers in the UK. Richard has thrown against the best in the world both in Europe and the United States and is known as a focused strategist whose versatility is matched by his pinpoint accuracy with both knives and axes.

Richard holds a high ‘Expert’ ranking in the IKTHOF knife category and yet he is known for his tomahawk throwing! He is a central figure in the KATTA UK organisation while also serving on the Board of the IKTHOF, affording him a truly transatlantic perspective on the competition circuit.

In our wide ranging conversation we discuss Richard’s rise to becoming an international standard competitor, his perspective on the differences between European and American competition and what changes he would impose if he were made ‘Emperor of Knives and Axes’ for the day!

Episode 019: Interview with Richard Sunderland Part 2

This is the second part of a fascinating interview with Richard Sunderland, one of the highest ranked and most respected throwers in the UK. Richard has thrown against the best in the world both in Europe and the United States and is known as a focused strategist whose versatility is matched by his pinpoint accuracy with both knives and axes.

Richard holds a high ‘Expert’ ranking in the IKTHOF knife category and yet he is known for his tomahawk throwing! He is a central figure in the KATTA UK organisation while also serving on the Board of the IKTHOF, affording him a truly transatlantic perspective on the competition circuit.

In this episode we discuss his passion for axes, what advice he has for beginner throwers, his plans for the future and what he considers to be his proudest achievement in the throwing arts to date.


Episode 020: Interview with John Grabowski

John Grabovski is a name synonymous with the generosity of spirit that defines the ‘brothers and sisters of the knife’. A graduate from MIT and now a software engineer in Silicon Valley, John brings a unique focus to his approach in the precision throwing arts.

He was inducted into the IKTHOF in 2013 and has thrown competitively in more countries than most people will visit in a lifetime. As a father of 6, John knows all about how to throw in the spaces around a busy and productive day but still seems able to appear unflappable and makes himself available to help others on their journey.

In this interview we discuss how John has been able to rise to the top of the field in record time through a ‘minimum effective dose’ approach to his training, why he feels so passionate about throwing shovels and his ambition to travel to a small town in Europe which might just have the greatest concentration of world class throwers on the planet.


Episode 021: Interview with Nicky Billou

Nicky Billou is based in Toronto but has an international reach as one of the most respected sports psychologists in the industry. Having worked with elite athletes and members of the Canadian Olympic team, Nicky is perfectly positioned to advise on just what it takes to attain a top ranking in the precision throwing arts.

Author of ‘Finish Line Thinking’, a step by step guide to winning the mental game, I was thrilled to be able to interview Nicky about how his model and program for sporting excellence might be applicable to those, like me, who are aiming to accelerate their throwing performance.


Episode 022: Interview with Lee Floyd Fugatt

Lee Floyd Fugatt is a man with a long and illustrious history within the throwing community, having competed at Master level in numerous IKTHOF competitions in the late 90s and early ‘naughties’! He held his own against the best in the world despite being born blind in one eye and thus having to compensate for a lack of depth perception.

After serving over two decades as an Army Ranger and having become an accomplished knife and flute maker, honouring his own cultural traditions as part of the Navajo first peoples, no one would have blamed Lee if he had elected to step into his golden years at a leisurely pace and enjoy a well earned rest…but that is not in his nature!

In 2009 Lee suffered a near fatal stroke; he woke up several days later, emerging from a coma, to find himself paralysed down the left side of his body and now completely blind. It would seem that his throwing days were over and Lee slipped away from the community. However, this year, assisted by his good friend Rick Lemberg, Lee stepped back into the competitive arena and is now outperforming his peers who have the benefit of 20/20 vision!

In this interview I was privileged to talk to both Lee and Rick about the remarkable journey that both men have undertaken and it became quickly clear that Lee is not done yet! Lee’s story is truly inspirational and I feel very lucky to be able to offer this episode to the throwing community – I present to you the real life Zatoichi – Lee Floyd Fugatt.


Episode 023: Interview with Jason Willard Johnson

Jason Willard Johnson is perhaps best known for his predilection for impaling drinks cans at distance with devastating accuracy using a home-brew style of military half spin. He seems to have exploded onto the scene this year, and has immediately garnered our respect as a thrower, martial artist, poet and all-round nice guy.

However, as we all know, such skills are hard won and so I was delighted to have the opportunity to glimpse behind the veil and get to know Jason a little better. In this episode we talk about Jason’s beginnings as a thrower, how he came to develop his own unique style, our shared passion for the works of Musashi and other philosopher warriors and his aspirations to set up his own school in the near future.


Episode 024: 2015 Reflections on the journey so far

Well folks, this is the last recording of 2015 and I have taken the opportunity to reflect on my journey in throwing so far while also looking forward to what 2016 may bring. For this episode I got together with Dan Edwardes, my ‘sometime co-host’ of the show and looked back on the incredible 15 guests I have had the privilege of interviewing since the show’s inception.

I also consider the progress I have made in my own throwing practice to date and where I need to shift my focus as I rapidly approach the 200 day mark of this 1000 day challenge. Thanks again for all your support in listening to the Throning Podcast and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Episode 025: Interview with James JW Wiseman Part 1

James JW Wiseman is an actor, stuntman, weapons expert and a Texas Cowboy for hire! His passion for throwing knives and hawks was sparked by his father when he was just a young boy in Cypress Texas but I doubt either of them would have predicted where those early experiences would take him.

James now has an enviable number of TV and film appearances including playing Jesse James in the much heralded ‘Deadliest Warrior’ series. However, his exploits do not only take place in front of the camera; James has spent the last few years becoming increasingly involved in throwing competitions and has placed in knife, spear, boomerang and hawks in a number of ColdSteel Challenge events as well as winning his first Mountain Man Throwdown in December last year.

A natural raconteur, James was a very easy guest to chat to and so our conversation will be presented over two episodes. We talk about his early experiences in throwing, his experiences in ‘Deadliest Warrior’, his passion for thrown weapons of all kinds, as well as his formative experiences with Jack Dagger, Anthony De Longis and others. Find out how James managed to lacerate his thumb in competition, wounding himself so badly that the hosts of the event insisted that he keep his blood-soaked hawks! This story and more await you in this week’s episode of the Thronin Podcast.


Episode 026: Interview with James JW Wiseman Part 2

This is part 2 of my interview with James JW Wiseman.

James JW Wiseman is an actor, stuntman, weapons expert and a Texas Cowboy for hire! His passion for throwing knives and hawks was sparked by his father when he was just a young boy in Cypress Texas but I doubt either of them would have predicted where those early experiences would take him.

James now has an enviable number of TV and film appearances including playing Jesse James in the much heralded ‘Deadliest Warrior’ series. However, his exploits do not only take place in front of the camera; James has spent the last few years becoming increasingly involved in throwing competitions and has placed in knife, spear, boomerang and hawks in a number of ColdSteel Challenge events as well as winning his first Mountain Man Throwdown in December last year.

For more stories, reflections on competition throwing and a great hawk challenge that James has offered up to the community, tune in to this week’s episode!


Episode 027: Interview with Tracy Tenny

Tracy ‘Pickaxe’ Tenny may be petite in stature but she is a powerhouse in the world of competitive knife throwing! Hailing from New York State, she grew up hand in hand with the critters of the mountains and forests, before moving to Georgia which failed to tame her too!

Anyone in the IKTHOF will no doubt have crossed paths with Tracy at a competition or meet along the way; she is a fierce competitor, her determination matched only by her kindness and charm.

In this interview Tracy and I chat about her early experiences in throwing, her first competition which took place just 4 days after she started throwing in earnest and how she caught ‘the bug’ which has driven her interest ever since. The more I meet the ladies of the throwing world, the more I come to realise that we gents have our work cut out for us – just take a listen to Episode 27 of the Thronin Podcast to learn just why I have so much respect for Tracy and her ambitions for the future.


Episode 028: Interview with Matthew Dunn

Matthew Dunn has flashed onto the world throwing stage in recent months with his own unique brand of throwing. Many of you may be familiar with his videos on the Kickass Knife Throwing Facebook group; wearing a trademark hoodie, shades, gloves and a chest rig, Matthew’s hands flash out left and right in rapid succession, sending knives thudding into the targets at the far end of his indoor range.

Looking more like someone out of the DC or Marvel universe than the traditional throwing scene, Matthew seems to have forged his own path. He is a streetwise blue-sky dreamer with big goals and an even bigger heart.

In this interview we talk about growing up tough in New Jersey, how he got his start in the throwing arts and his vision for the future. Only in his early thirties, it is exciting to think about just where he can take things in the years to come.


Episode 029: Interview with Charlie Atlas

Charlie Atlas is a formidable thrower and one half of a husband and wife act who are enjoying international rave reviews for their ‘Death Do Us Part Danger Show’. Along with his partner Rachel, the couple have quickly become a firm favourite of the throwing community, earning respect as talented entertainers as well as generous friends to those who have sought them out.

With signature stunts including moving human targets, sword swallowing, fire knives and the ‘board of death’, they hold audiences transfixed and, as if that were not enough, between them there are muscles, sexy curves, tattoos, sequins and costumes that would be the envy of any self-respecting burlesque show.

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to chat to Charlie before he and Rachel set off for their UK tour this summer and picked his brains on a range of topics. Here we chat about his upbringing on the tiny Hebridean island of Islay, his early forays into the world of music, tattoos, security work and then how his world was turned upside down just three years ago upon meeting Rachel!

We explore his early practice with throwing, how he acquired his reputation for throwing hard, some of his adventures on the road, the evolution of his infamous ‘decapitator’ and where this amazing couple hope to take things next.


Episode 030: Interview with Patrick Brewster

Patrick Brewster has earned a reputation as one of the most respected figures in no-spin and instinctive throwing. based in Pennsylvania, he is perhaps best known to the community as the founder of Flying Steel blades – producer of some of the best no-spin throwing knives and spikes in the world.

Modest of his own achievements as a thrower and passionate about the art, my interview with Patrick went by in a flash but along the way we chatted about his origins as a thrower, his influences as a knife maker, advice for the fledgling no-spinners out there and his take on the future of competition. Patrick is a gracious guest and a man of great integrity who I have been looking forward to talking to for some time now – I was not disappointed!


Episode 031: Interview with Ryan Moomaw

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Ryan Moomaw is a renowned no-spin thrower, founding member of the Ralph Thorn School and creator of the KnifeShuriken Youtube channel. Perhaps best known for pushing the boundaries of no-reload throwing, Ryan’s innovations have been picked up by other instinctive and no-throw trail-blazers such as Adam Celadin.

A regular face at AKTA events in the past, Ryan is respected as a versatile thrower who is as comfortable throwing knives, bolts, and screwdrivers as he is no-spinning tomahawks! In this interview we discuss his origins as a thrower, his on evolution in no-spin and he offers some sage advice to newcomers to the throwing arts.


Episode 032: Interview with Devin Debow

Devin Debow is the third guest in a trio of no-spin throwers who I have had the pleasure of interviewing in recent weeks, but Devin is unique in being the only one who has earned the epithet of ‘US Ambassador of No-spin’ by Brandon ‘Danger’ Dillon – a title which is well deserved.

Devin is a proud Texan who hails originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas and he enjoys a wide range of interests including sky diving, climbing, sculpture, freelance writing and survival training. However, Devin is best known as one of the most accurate no-spin throwers on the planet. Having just successfully defended his title as the IKTHOF No-Spin National Champion last month in Las Vegas, I am delighted that he has been able to take time out from his insane schedule so that we can all get to know him a little better.


Episode 033: Interview with Joseph Darrah

Joseph ‘Brokenfeather’ Darrah is a living treasure of the throwing arts community. Based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, Joe has an international reputation as a master knife maker, as an Ambassador of Thunk and he is a 10 time World Champion title holder in his own right.

Co-founder of the IKTHOF, life time supporter of the AKTA and a plethora of other clubs, societies and groups, Joe is recognised across the world as one of the most generous and tirelessly thoughtful throwers out there.

In this interview Joe touches on his early induction into the throwing scene by his father at the tender age of 5. He goes on to share a whole host of stories gleaned from his half century of experience as a thrower and maker of throwing knives – needless to say the time flew! This is an interview I have looked forward to since I first started the Thronin podcast and it was an honour to get to know this larger than life, giant-hearted man a little better.


Episode 034: Thronin Progress: Day 333

Time flies and, when Dan Edwardes and I came together to record this update on the progress I have been making towards my 1000 day knife throwing challenge, I had just passed the 333 day mark!

Here we talk about the training challenges I have encountered over the winter months, the ways in which my throwing has changed to accommodate those challenges and how I performed in my first competition of the year (The Woodend Warriors Spring Fling in Nottingham).


Episode 035: Peak and The Pressure Principle

In this episode my co-host Dan Edwardes, (Parkour Generations) and I discuss two books that have played a significant part in shaping my current training regime. ‘Peak’ by Anders Ericsson and ‘The Pressure Principle’ by Dave Alred.

If you are looking for ways to refine your training or struggle with nerves during competition then you’ll find plenty of inspirational material in this relaxed chat, held recently at Dan’s apartment in the heart of London.


Episode 037: Interview with R.C. Samples

RC Samples is perhaps best known by his Youtube handle, ‘The Combat Knife Thrower’. Coming to us from Jacksonville Florida, RC is respected across the community as a charismatic and skilled thrower. His prolific video collection has been instrumental in capturing the attention and for inspiring waves of new throwers to our community.

Our interview was necessarily brief because RC has a full and varied set of time commitments but we still managed to pack in plenty, including how he came into throwing, his top tips for newcomers to the throwing community and how he prepares for competition.


Episode 038: Interview with Rob Bentley

Based in Nashville Tennessee, Rob Bentley is perhaps best known as the MD of Bentley Sheaths & Leather – a company dedicated to hand-manufacturing sheaths, quivers and utility rolls for all manner of throwing implements. Given the quality of the projects Rob produces, it is hard to believe that he has been developing his skill set for less than three years!

An avid thrower himself, Rob is a man who has found not only a passion in the Art of the Thunk but a discipline, a vocation and an opportunity to connect with the rest of us. It was clear from our conversation that he is a humble, yet talented man and is just one more example of why the throwing arts can be so transformational.

It was an inspiring conversation but unfortunately technology got the better of us and the Skype call dropped out a couple of times on us. Rob was patient as we tried work arounds but I apologise if there are some clunky edits in this episode – while rural England is a beautiful place to live, broadband is still a wistful dream in this neck of the woods!