The purpose of an education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Malcolm Forbes

Given the rich history and global appeal of knife throwing, there are surprisingly few books, DVDs and other resources readily available on the subject. In this section of the site I will be reviewing and sharing anything I come across that has proven to be useful in my own journey.

Clubs & Societies 

KATTA UK –  The Knife, Axe, Tomahawk, Throwing Association UK, based near Pontefract, is made up of a group of like-minded throwers who regularly meet to promote and share best practice in the throwing arts.

Eurothrowers – The Eurothrowers club unites European knife throwers and axe throwers. It was founded in 2003 with the goal to make the communication between knife throwers and axe throwers from all about Europe easier, to assist people in organizing events, and to promote the sport.

IKTHOF – The International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame is based in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to increasing the communication, education and recognition of all knife throwers.

AKTA – The American Knife Throwers Alliance is an association of American and international sportsmen dedicated to the practice and promotion of knife throwing as a sport, recreation and hobby.

Books, DVD & other teaching materials

Knife Throwing – A practical guide by Harry McEvory (1973)

This was the first book I read on throwing and it is a nicely written text, offering a good balance of practical advice and historical material that investigates the origins of projectile weapons. All of the basics are covered and, at 105 pages, it never labours any section – definitely worth a read.


The Ultimate Guide to Knife Throwing: Master the sport of knife and tomahawk throwing by Bobby Branton (2015)

A recent release (July 2015), I downloaded this book on my Kindle and consumed it in one sitting!  There are chapters on the history of the art, the mechanics of safe throwing, competition throwing, games and training methods and a section on how to make your own knife (Branton is a respected knife maker as well as a skilled thrower himself). This is certainly worth the investment – 128 pages of gold dust for newcomers and experienced throwers alike.

Combat Knife Throwing: a new approach to knife throwing and knife fighting by Ralph Thorn (2008)

I am yet to own or read this book but it is on my wish list; Ralph Thorn has a strong presence on YouTube as an exponent of ‘no-spin’ throwing and he certainly seems to be able to walk his talk! As soon as I have read it I will write a more informed review but I think this is one any self-respecting thrower will want in their library.

Knife and Tomahawk Throwing: The Mike Gross Method by Mike Gross (2015)

This is, to date, the best book on the subject of weapons throwing that I have read! I was lucky enough to receive a signed copy from Mike, having made contact with him through YouTube. Currently the book is only available directly from Mike in the States but it is worth the postage and the wait – crammed full with detailed examination of the mechanics of throwing, problem/solution scenarios for refined practice and training drills, this has been my bible in the early weeks of learning to throw. I cannot recommend this text highly enough.

mike gross book










This is a downloadable PDF scorecard which I use in preparation for KATTA UK competitions – it is based on 7 rounds of throwing with 3 throws in each round in a single discipline.

you can get the scorecard here: scorecard – 7×3

This is another scorecard but this time it is specifically for knife throwing at all 3 KATTA UK competitive distances – 3, 5 & 7 m respectively. Again, each distance involves 21 throws (7 rounds with 3 knives thrown in each round)

you can get the scorecard here: Throwing scorecard 3-5-7m

Equipment suppliers

Cold Steel knives (UK) offer a range of well-priced throwing knives

Battle Orders stock the Gil Hibben range of throwers

John ‘Little John’ Taylor (maker of the JT Throwers reviewed here)

Websites & blogs

Knife Throwing Info – Christian Thiel’s site

Thrower Archive – Matthew J. Rapaport (maintained by Christian Thiel)

Sticking Point Archive – Tim Valentine (maintained by Christian Thiel) – Scott Gracia’s site filled with growing resources

The Great Throwdini – The Rev. Dr. David R. Adamovich’s professional performance page

One Sharp Marriage – Mike & Rosa Gross

OSM Knife & Tomahawk Throwers Academy – Mike Gross’ training Academy

Video channels (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)


One Sharp Marriage

Fast Action Blades

Epic Blade Time

Ralph Thorn School

The Combat Knife Thrower